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Membership is open to individuals and organizations, in Israel and abroad, and to anyone able and willing to promote the interests of the Israeli robotics community.

 Credit Cards only

Current members

Join by mail/fax: please fill out the application form and send it according to the instructions on the form. You can skip the details by writing on the form your membership number.
Use a separate application form for corporate membership (companies and organizations).

For inquiries: call 972-(0) 3-6880-313 or email: 

Member’s benefits
Individual membership: notifications of upcoming public events, invitations to special events, discounts at IROB’s workshops and conferences, access to the companies directory, access to job postings.

Corporate membership:
Logo and link to company website on the companies directory page, notifications of upcoming public events, invitations to special events, free listing of job offers, posting of company news, discounts at IROB’s workshops and conferences to company representative, discounted rates for exhibition space at IROB’s conferences and exhibitions.

Prof. Zvi Shiller

IROB founder and Chair. Professor at Ariel University and founder of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics and the Paslin Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory. Head of the Master program in Mechanical Engineering. His main research interests include model-based motion planning and control of autonomous vehicles, and the development of affordable assistive robotic devices.