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The 7th Israeli Conference on Robotics 28.3.2023

After four years of separation, and overcoming tremendous challenges during trying times, we met for the 7th Israeli Conference on Robotics, organized by the Israeli Robotics Association (IROB) on 28.3.2023 at the Airforce Conference Center in Herzliya.  It is the leading international robotics event in Israel, offering a rich program by experts from industry and academia.  It was satisfying to meet again the Israeli Robotics community after a long time, from academia and industry, presenting outstanding work and accomplishments by all counts. We can definitely be proud of the progress this community has made over the past few years. As this is the beginning of the new age of Smart Robotics, we plan to organize several events that will culminate at the Israel Robotics Summit to be held in 2024. Join the Israeli Robotics Association and be part of what is yet to come.


Prof. Zvi Shiller

IROB founder and Chair. Professor at Ariel University and founder of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics and the Paslin Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory. Head of the Master program in Mechanical Engineering. His main research interests include model-based motion planning and control of autonomous vehicles, and the development of affordable assistive robotic devices.