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Foundation of IROB, November 2011

The Israeli Robotics Association (IROB) was established in November 2011 by senior members of the Israeli robotics community from industry and academia to promote robotics as a field of national priority and to foster a viable robotics industry in Israel.  Specifically, we wish to promote robotics research, robotics education, and encourage the use of robotics and automation in the traditional industries, in agriculture, domestic, medical, defense and security applications.  In addition, IROB is committed to representing the interests of the robotics community in governmental and other forums.  IROB is unique in that it represents the mutual interests of academia and industry.  It is open to individuals and organizations, in Israel and abroad, and to anyone able and willing to promote the interests of the Israeli robotics community. 

The first founders meeting took place at the ROBOROUP offices, Park Affek, Rosh Haain.  In the picture, from right to left: Prof. Moshe Shoham, Rafi Aravot, Prof. Avital Bechar, Udi Peless, Prof. Zvi Shiller, Arik Dan, Gennady Berinsky, Elad Inbar, Dr. Eli Kolberg.



Prof. Zvi Shiller                Ariel University

Prof. Moshe Shoham       Technion, Mazor

Rafi Aravot                      Robo Group

Dr. Avital Bechar             Volcani Center

Gennady Bernisky           Bezalel

Arik Dan                         Yaskawa

Ehud Dinerman               ODF

Prof. Yael Edan               Ben Gurion University

Amit Goffer                     Argo Medical

Elad Inbar                       Robots Lab

Dr. Eli Kolberg                Bar Ilan University

Udi Peless                      Friendly Robotics

Yossi Wolf                      Robo-team

Arik Yavnai                     Rafael


Prof. Zvi Shiller

IROB founder and Chair. Professor at Ariel University and founder of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics and the Paslin Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory. Head of the Master program in Mechanical Engineering. His main research interests include model-based motion planning and control of autonomous vehicles, and the development of affordable assistive robotic devices.